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Engine Management Kit for any four cylinder engine platform



All in one, fully programmable ECU, data logger, touch screen dash and base map.

Take control of any engine or fuel injection system, as well as pump and fan relays.

Select engine map through touch screen dash and make tuning adjustments.



Hinkle Performance Micro or Mini Sprint harness.

After several years of developments, we have a one of a kind harness, unlike anything currently on the market. A 100% modular wire harness , capable of running any 4 cylinder engine & injection system. Quickly and easily adapt to any engine, add additional sensors and control with direct plug in sub-harness without any wiring required.




All new wire & OEM style connectors.

  • DR-25 heat shrink with epoxy filled joints.
  • Fire, chemical, abrasion, and water resistant.
  • Add up to 7 ECU inputs.
  • Includes water temp, throttle position, and one pressure sensor w/ direct plug in sub harness standard.
  • Log precise 02 data with wideband nano.

Complete kit with nano, 02 sensor, direct plug in sub harness standard.

  • Kit includes (1) Kaizen relay for fuel pump control. If the engine stops, the pump stops. This is an important safety feature on electrical fuel pumps.
  • Kit includes (4) new smart coils, more reliable, consistent, and affordable than OEM ignition coils. Direct swap on to any engine platform.


**All of our harnesses are custom made. Turn around time for each harness is typically 2-3 weeks.**




Hinkle Performance EFI Engine Management Kit

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