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Our GEN2EFI is a complete custom EFI system from the head up,

GEN2EFI is available for most late model, four-cylinder motorcycle engines.


-Rolled forward design fits all cars and clears all dash's

- 4 Custom Fuel Injectors, precise dynamic flow matching technology ensures your injectors perform their best at all pressure and voltage ranges. We can Provide custom injectors for any injection platform.

-Walker Performance Filtration air cleaner

- High Quality TPS Sensor

- Super lightweight at 7 pounds including the air filter.

- Fully modular and configurable, the same Injection hardware will run on all 4 brands with a change of intake runner and ECU map.

- Total simplicity, nothing else we’ve seen to date is this simple or offers as much value.

- Race winning, Track Championship proven performance and reliability with an exceptionally wide powerband.

- Complete range of runners and throttle sizes to suit Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki.

- Can easily be tailored for the rpm range or specific requirements, one size doesn’t suit everyone – A stock R6S motor or Suzuki has very different needs to a modified high rpm R6R motor.

- Our system is aimed squarely at those with existing cars running Carbs, EFI or MFI that want something a lot simpler and lighter that can offer an upgrade in performance and a break from weekly maintenance.

- Most existing customers perform basically ZERO weekly maintenance….. as in nothing.

- Online support and advise.

- Detailed check list of car based wiring and fuel system requirements upon purchase.


Starting at $3,499.00

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