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Jaxon Bishop wins outlaw wing at Southern Illinois Raceway!

The #22 Act Tire & Auto, Troy Leonard micro ran double duty this past weekend at Southern Illinois Raceway for the HART series, with Jaxon Bishop piloting the micro. In outlaw wing, he started 6th in his heat and quickly moved up to finish 2nd. For the 20 lap main event Jaxon started 3rd and charged to 1st in a few short laps, parking it in Victory lane!

Jaxon also ran non wing where he won his heat from 4th and finished 3rd in the main event.

The #22 micro has the latest Hinkle Performance outlaw Kawasaki, Hinkle Performance injection with Jettco hardware and custom Hinkle electronics featuring a FuelTech FT550 ECU and Kaizen relays. This car also features a one of a kind FueLab fuel delivery system, designed specifically for Micro Sprint racing.

They would like to thank there sponsor for their continued support:

ACT Tire & Auto

Hinkle Performance

Knapp Propane

Ferris Commercial Mowers

George Matchett

Photography Credit: 357 Studios

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