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Hinkle Performance expands on partnership with FuelTech for 2024 season

FuelTech product line’s greatest advantage is its overall simplicity, from its painless installation when paired with a Hinkle Performance wire harness, to real time remote tuning services.

Hinkle Performance has been utilizing FuelTech ECU’s for more than 4 years now. We have developed race winning and reliable engine management kits specifically for 600cc - 1000cc dirt track applications.

FT ECUs paired with our custom wire harnesses are unlike anything else available in the micro sprint & mini sprint market. Not only have we lengthened engine life and increased track performance, the FT ECU has also allowed us to remotely guide customers through data analysis and make quick and efficient tuning adjustments.

We are excited to expand our partnership with FuelTech for the 2024 season to better serve our customers around the globe, and continually increase our reliability & performance.

Contact Hinkle Performance for your engine management and tuning needs.

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