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Hinkle Performance and PMP Chassis join forces!

We are excited to announce Hinkle Performance will be offering PMP Micro Sprint and Jr. Sprint chassis to the Midwest, as well as high quality Prolite Racing Products. We firmly believe the proven performance of PMP Chassis paired with our fast, reliable engine and electronics packages is bound to be a winning combination. The 2024 Hinkle Performance house car will be a PMP Chassis, competing in Restricted, A Class, and Outlaw divisions, across the Midwest.

Some History:

In 1996 Stan Yockey Motorsports began manufacturing 250cc micro sprint chassis, and by ’98 began R&D on the PMP 600cc chassis. In 2000 Stan Yockey Motorsports made huge strides in 600cc chassis production and caught the attention of the micro sprint industry as a safe, fast, and winning design.

In 2004 they took that knowledge and raised the bar with development of the “New Generation” PMP Chassis. Against the current trends, Stan Yockey Motorsports started the development of the 4 bar / watts link suspension design that is now the blueprint for so many competing chassis manufacturers.

During the 2005 off season, PMP designed and manufactured their first Jr Sprint Chassis. With hundreds of wins including several Golden Drillers. The PMP Jr Sprint receives the same high quality fabrication techniques that their micro sprints are well known for.

Fast forward to 2024:

From California to Australia PMP Chassis gained a reputation for safe, simple, easy to tune chassis.  Racking up countless feature wins, track championships, and many major race wins around the globe. With Stan’s 44 years of racing experience, combined with Chris's 24 years, we can offer a high-quality package paired with support unlike anything currently available in the industry.

At Hinkle Performance we have always prided ourselves in building user-friendly, fast, and reliable engine & injection systems, we believe PMP Chassis is the perfect addition to our product line-up. We are excited to offer and support PMP Chassis & Prolite Racing Products across the Midwest.

If you have any questions regarding chassis kits, electronics, engines, or injection, please give Hinkle Performance a call. We are a one stop shop for all your racing needs.

Stay tuned for more exciting news about Hinkle Performance and the 2024 race season.

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